Friday, May 7, 2010


This blog of mine has been something that I have fantasized about for ages. Whenever I come across an inspiring blog or a fellow artist who tickles my tummy, I always think I should really include this in my blog. Yet, it never happens. My blog remains barren and my thoughts and images remain swirling around in my head. I really believe that the only thing that had been holding me back is fear. Fear that my writing will be bland and my content incohesive. Fear that no one will ever find my blog among all the other wonderful blogs out there, written surely by people who are much more interesting than I am. Or fear that *gasp* someone will leave a crushing comment on a blog post I had spent forever constructing. The really sucky thing about fear is that it cripples us, prevents us from pursuing our passions and living our most fulfilled lives.

Then I came across this very inspiring blog post and it allowed me to view my current situation from a fresh perspective. How very silly of me to place so much stock in my fears. And if I never attempted anything for fear that something might go terrible wrong, I might never leave the house. So what if my blog sucks. And who cares if I only have a handful of readers. This space is really just an outlet for all of my ideas and inspiration.

All that being said, I welcome you on this journey with me. Destination: unknown. But that's half the fun :)

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